4 Apr 2016


During the stone age, different types of primitive men (homo) lived: some were called the Neanderthal man and others were the Homo-sapiens or cro-magnon.

Can you tell me some of the differences between them?

30 Jan 2016


In the next video you are going to review all the ideas we have learnt in the classroom to be able to compare to items. Have a look at it!!!

You can practice with some games:
Enjoy the car race
Choose the comparative
Fill the blanks

 And now here you have some games: and now you can finish with this video. "Enjoy the Simpsons!"

13 Jan 2016


Here there are two explations of how is the digestion of the ruminants. A short one....

 And a long one but very funny.... specialy at the end!!!!


 Which video do you prefer? Why? Copy the names of the for parts of the stomach of the cows. Show me tomorrow!!!!


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10 Jan 2016

Types of birds' beaks

Can you complete this chart with with some examples of birds? Copy and write the examples for the chart in your notebook.

Maybe you need some more information about the beaks of the birds. Watch the next video and use the information that you need.


 Is it done? Great, we'll share it tomorrow, but first make sure that you have checked the spelling. Thanks